Driving Down The Bottom Line

Reducing Expenses with Office 365

Avoid Fixed Costs

Reduce both capital expenditure and operational expense.

  • No hardware build-out cost

  • No more periodic server upgrades

  • Familiarity of end-user experience to programs they already know creates huge savings in new hire training costs.

Avoid Over-Purchasing

Buy What You Need When You Need It

  • Scale up as your business grows with a simple phone call.

  • Get the right licenses for the right employees. Not every employee needs all the features, so why pay for them?

Predictable Cost Line

Office 365’s monthly cost structure is inclusive of all future changes in technology and covers types of employee needs.

  • No more waking up and finding out the software you bought 2 years ago is already obsolete. Instead, you wake up with improved technology, no extra charge.

  • No upfront risk: Need to downsize? No problem, just cancel 30 licenses over the phone. Done.

  • Stop losing money on downtime! Financially-backed, guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement.*

*Learn more about downtime prevention

What does Office 365 cost?

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  • How Kiosk Pricing Saves You Money

    Many business models support a mix of employee types. Some may use a computer 90% of the day, others less than 5%. Office 365 has solutions for the installers and factory level workers in your business who need computer access sometimes, but not often enough to justify professional class office software. Kiosk worker pricing starts as low as $2-4 per month.

    For small businesses, employees can run limited office products, hold online meetings and support a 25GB mailbox for as little as $6/month. The value proposition offered by Microsoft for your business is truly worth learning more about.

    You can read up on detailed pricing information here.

    The Right Features For The Right Users

    Information Worker (Plan E Family)

    • 25 GB mailbox
    • 500 MB SharePoint Storage, 500 MB My Site
    • Office Professional Plus
    • Client connectivity
    • Forefront anti-virus and anti-spam
    • Mobility
    • IMAP Support
    • Lync, Exchange & SharePoint Capabilities
    • On-premises access rights

    Kiosk Worker (Plan K Family)

    • 500 MB mailbox
    • POP support
    • Outlook Web App (Messaging, calendar, contacts)
    • Forefront antivirus and anti-spam
    • Access to SharePoint
    • Site search capabilities
    • Office Web Apps