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  • What does an Office 365 Free Trial Include?

    An Office 365 Free Trial can be easily set up through a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) such as Office 365 Advisors. The type of free trail picked will determine exactly what you get.

    The small business Office 365 Free Trial provides 25 P1 licenses for a 30 day period. P1 is a plan that works well with home office and new to the internet style small businesses. It is typically a poor fit for companies with an established email Exchange server and current anti-virus/anti-spam solutions due to restrictions in access to specific FOPE and Exchange Online features in the P1 Plan. Call now to obtain advisement on what Office 365 Free Trial is best for you ( ).

    The Midsize-Enterprise Office 365 Free Trial provides 25 E3 licenses. E3 licenses offer very rich options and functionality, allowing you the full range of Office 365 features. This is ideal for companies with existing network infrastructure in need of migration. Call now to obtain advisement on what Office 365 Free Trial is best for you ( ).