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    Office 365 Portal

    The end user interface console for Office 365 is referred to as the “Portal”. The Portal interface for non-admins is quite simple, with only 3 tabs. One for Outlook, one for the SharePoint Team Site, and one for a general Home screen used for getting your account setup and launching the Office Web Apps.

    For administrators, this is a one stop location to manage all general functionality. This includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and access to the Office 365 Licensing and Billing options. Additionally, if administrators have licenses assigned to them, they would also have the same tabs an end user has. (Note: you can run an administrator account without assigning it a license, we do this all the time for customers.)

    The Portal interface for admins will greatly differ between the Small Business plan and the Enterprise plans. This is because a tremendous number of features are disabled under the cheaper Small Business plan. (For example: the P1 plan has no access to Forefront through the portal. This basically means that while you have a spam filter, you have very limited control over what it should and shouldn’t stop.)

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