Office 365 Pricing

Welcome to a Predictable Budget

Office 365 provides the ability reliably stay up with the best in productivity technology, at a predictable and reasonable cost.

Rather than spend $1,500 per employee in year 1, nothing in year 2, and find your software out of date in year 3. You will now have a predictably low per employee, per month cost.

If your business grows or consolidates, it is as simple as adding and removing users from your agreement and you have no risk of wasted fixed costs.

Only Use What You Need

Office 365 allows you to pick and choose between licenses on a per user bases and also drop them at any time if needed. You are free to mix and match multiple Information Worker Plans (Business, Business Essentials, Business Premium, ProPlus, E1, E3) as is needed by your business model.

Office 365 Bundled Plans:

Office 365 Pricing Enterprise Bundles

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  • Office 365 Pricing for Stand Alone Plans

    Office 365 Pricing for Stand Alone Plans

    Office 365 Pricing for Stand Alone Plans

    For users who do not need entire Office 365 Bundles and perhaps just want email or just want SharePoint. We offer the following stand alone plans. Stand alone plans allow you to just pick one specific feature of Office 365 and not the others. To understand what exactly each plan includes, please feel free to give our hotline a call at .

    Stand Alone SKUCost (per user user/per month)
    Exchange Online Plan 1 $4.00
    Exchange Online Plan 2$8.00
    Exchange Online Kiosk $2.00
    Skype for Business Plan 1 $2.00
    Skype for Business Plan 2 $5.50
    SharePoint Online Plan 1 $5.00
    SharePoint Online Plan 2 $8.00
    SharePoint Storage (GB) $0.20/GB
    Exchange Archiving (EOA) for Exchange Server $3.00
    Office Pro Plus Desktop and Apps $12.00
    Visio Pro for Office 365 $13.00
    Project Pro for Office 365 $25.00
    Project Online $33.00
    Dynamics CRM Online Professional $65.00
  • Small Business Office 365 Bundling Options

    In addition to the above pricing options, small businesses with less than 50 employees have the option of following a second pricing scheme. For $6/month each licensed employee will have access to the most important features of Office 365.

    If you have any questions about the exact features and costs of any of the above options, please contact us now at: