Office 365 Business Productivity

Office 365 Productivity

Unified Communications

Office 365 is the first attempt to bridge all business intelligence needs under a familiar unified format.

  • Standardized tools for PC, browser, and all major cellular devices. Learn it once, use it anywhere.

  • Single sign on and role based access allow your employees to get connected to the information they need, faster than ever before.

Business Intelligence

Greatly simplified administration tools allow you to securely restrict access as needed and protect your network, without a PhD required.

  • Search your entire server for important emails and documents from a simple command menu.

  • Manage complex administrative tasks from an intuitive web based interface. Instead of 6 lines of code, flip an on and off switch. Done.


Simultaneously edit customer quotes, design projects, and plan events using the same applications you already know.

  • Hold a meeting without the meeting. Co-authoring tools allow for side text and explanations as you both edit the document efficiently. Not enough? Use the same platform to instant message comments regarding the project.

  • Begin with email; call a quick ad-hoc virtual meeting as needed and then answer questions conveniently via chat for the rest of the day. All from the same interface!

Streamlined Access

Federation of all systems allows for a single sign-on to all systems by employees, eliminating redundancy and delays.

  • Internally verified single sign on actually adds security to your network by preventing external users and Trojans from accessing applications core to your network.

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  • Role Based Access tools allow you to easily grant users the right amount of access, no more, no less.

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  • Automate Redundant Processes

    Empower your technology department to get more done in half the time. Remote PowerShell in Office 365 brings in a whole new tier of task automation. Run simple commands to secure and manage 20 machines in the amount of time it takes to work on 1 normally. A vast number of tasks that previously required a phone call to MS support are now fully automatable through the new Remote PowerShell.

    Intuitive SharePoint site design is now a major feature of Office 365. Simple internal portals can easily be created without hiring excessive outside help.

    Create portals to streamline and manage supplier relationships.

    Build team sites to empower firm projects and provide a simple database for related materials and conversations.

    Enhance your inventory management through interactive public facing portals for your resellers to use.

    If you do want to hire design experts, the opportunities are nearly endless. Let us show you how to revolutionize your operations and supply chain to cut costs left and right.