Reasons to subscribe to Office 365

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Every computer you purchase at some point in time will require a productivity suite. Office 365 is the enterprise standard. With an overabundance of trial versions and promotions It shows how well Microsoft is dominating this market. Enterprise devices often come bundled with a variation of Office suites pre-installed to lure you in.
Having the tools ready allows you to write documents, presentations, contacts, and calendars. Fancy gadgets received this holiday season will eventually require a subscription to almost any PC, laptop, or any mobile device. There are many lookalikes. However, none are backed by Microsoft. The introduction of Microsoft Office Online they are no match for the Office 365 subscription suite. With Office Online you can access almost any Office document seamlessly through your browser.
Here at Office 365 Advisors we primarily focus on the business side of the spectrum. Now, there are four main Office 365 business SKUs that are worth taking note:

  • Business Essentials
  • Business Premium
  • Enterprise E1
  • Enterprise E3

As a quick reminder some qualified educational institutions receive Office 365 for free. Qualified educational institutions should check immediately for availability towards students and teachers by clicking here. Also check out our Educational Pricing Plans page.
Another crucial addition is support for nonprofit organizations. Office 365 also supports nonprofit organizations by providing donation subscriptions towards Business Essentials and Enterprise E1. Yes, for free! To check for eligibility click here.
Included with most Office 365 enterprise subscriptions is OneDrive for Business. If you’re still in search for public cloud storage, then OneDrive for Business is one less subscription to worry about. Depending on which subscription most will have OneDrive for Business bundled in the package.
If there are still doubts about the cloud, then you should definitely check out our previous blog on Office 365’s compliance standards. Office 365 Industry standards include HIPAA, FISMAA, and BAA.
The Microsoft roadmap for Office 365 looks bright as there are plenty of updates in development. Stay tuned at the Office 365 Advisors blog for the latest news on Office 365. If your business requires advice on Office 365 contact us.

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